Good Grief – A Companion to Change and Loss


Good Grief is a companion to you in your time of change and loss.

Grief can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Whether we are grieving for a loved one or for a time in our lives that has passed, each loss we face brings with it an element of change.

Our abilities to step out of the old and adjust to the new can often be held back by our fear of these  changes, preventing us from defining a new positive pathway.

Whatever your loss, and however you are adjusting to it, this book can help you move into a state of acceptance.

Whether you keep it by your bedside, in your desk or tucked into a bag. Good Grief is the little voice telling you that you can do it, and that you are not alone.

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Hypnotherapist and Author of Good Grief

About Dipti

Dipti Tait is a hypnotherapist and a mother of teenage boys. As an only child, she describes her journey through grief with the loss of both her parents.

Dipti uses her clinical experience alongside reader-friendly exercises to explain how to overcome fear and develop an awareness of turning bad grief into Good Grief.


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