How to create Happy Chemicals in our Brain

Relaxation helps your Brain Produce Happy Chemicals

Happy chemicals in our brain flow better when we are relaxed, because when we feel calm and relaxed, we remember things in a positive way, and this makes us feel good.


It is quite a simple formula, but perhaps so simple that it often gets overlooked:

When we relax, we are not stressed.

Nobody can be internally relaxed and stressed at the same time. If you are stressed, you will not be releasing happy chemicals, but what you will be doing is releasing the stressed chemicals, which are adrenalin, cortisol and histamine.


By relaxing, you are able to stop releasing these stress chemicals and therefore start release happy ones and this will make you feel better, on the inside as well as outside.


We can train our brain through learning how to relax and keeping the habit of relaxation active to think ourselves towards happiness, compassion, success and confidence .

Give your brain a 10 minute deep relax and use the positive visualisations of your memory. By doing this, you can access the chemistry set inside your mind to mix you a powerful cocktail of magical memories, that trigger the happy chemicals to give your brain a top buzz. 


A Guide to our Happy Chemicals:

Here is a guide to what chemicals our thoughts and memories produce:

  • Thinking of something that makes you Smile = SEROTONIN = Happiness
  • Remembering a Loving Moment = OXYTOCIN = Compassion
  • Reliving a Success or an Achievement = DOPAMINE = Success
  • A Memory of Bravery or Courage = ENDORPHINE = Confidence


The Brain can’t tell the difference between IMAGINATION and REALITY…

Get all your positive memories out and you will experience the positive neuro-chemistry and the happy feelings associated with them!


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