About Dipti

I ❤️ learning about the Brain, Coffee, Cake, Theatre Trips, Pole Fitness, Culture, Secret Shopping, Dancing in High Heels and Dressing up in all things Sparkly!

I’m a Londoner living in the Cotswolds.

A Blonde Indian, so even though I’m little, I stand out!



I ❤️ talking.


When I was 11, in a maths class talking to the friend next to me, my teacher called me up in front of the class and bellowed at me “You will never make a success of yourself talking all day…”


Now, I make my living talking, and I am very successful at it!


I used to work in TV, at the BBC in Television Centre, and loved my media career. I left when I found out I was having a baby, so gave up one 24hr lifestyle for a different one!


Luckily, I love listening, just as much as I like talking! I love listening to people communicate and I get a lot out of people watching. I find observing the body and mind fascinating.


I’m really in to listening to the language of the spoken thought and watching the language of the body move.

I really enjoy exploring the dynamic of relationships and of course have a keen interest in observing our own patterns with the relationships we have with our own thoughts and patterns of behaviours.


I am utterly fascinated by the device that controls our thinking. The 3lbs of magic that nestles within our cranium is a seriously impressive piece of kit.


I  ❤️ the Brain.


I enjoy learning about how our brain continues to evolve develop and change and use my knowledge and experience to help each one of my clients understand how theirs works and how they can get the best out of their brain, simply by changing how they think.

It makes me smile when I think about helping my clients constantly discover the solutions to their problems and this is why I was drawn to becoming a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.


It does what it says on the tin.


I am a very positive person and am ever optimistic (apart from when I drink gin) – gin makes me feel sad.  Mother’s Ruin, apparently.


Talking of mothers, when my mum sadly died of cancer a few years ago, 10 years after my dad also died of cancer, I found this period of my life very difficult. Being an only child, I felt alone and lost. This sense of desperate isolation and grief led me to write a book about grief and how I learnt to cope with it myself to share my experience so I could help others. ‘Good Grief‘, my debut book was published in 2016.


As well as seeing clients, I am a post graduate lecturer and am regularly booked to do talks and run workshops on subjects such as Coping with Grief , Self Hypnosis for Pain as well as Free Flow Trance all around the UK.


I really do love my work, and I enjoy seeing all my clients transition, improve, develop and grow. I love it when my clients get their ‘a-ha moments’ and insights. Those brilliant ‘penny-dropping’ opportunities of clarity. It’s those light bulb moments that makes me happy. My sessions are always fun, full of laughter and wisdom, but I know where to draw the line.


I’m a pole dancer (for fitness, obviously, not for earning money!) I’ve  just joined a burlesque class and have a passion for secret shopping (which is not so secret now!)


My boyfriend Toby says I may be little, but I am fierce, but I am sure that Shakespeare coined that phrase first!


I have two fabulous teenage sons called Krishan and Jacob who are very, very lovely and absolutely tower over me. I know, that’s not hard to do as I’m only 5ft. Remember, I’m…


little but fierce.


So, that’s all about me… What about you?

What do you love? ❤️

Email me diptitait@gmail.com

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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