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Do you feel stuck in a rut and unable to positively move forward with your life?

Does life feel overwhelming and you can’t face to start and finish your tasks?

Are you feeling generally bored, flat, demotivated and unenthusiastic?

Do you keep worrying about the little things and spending your time overthinking?



So far, Dipti has helped her clients in these areas:

Procrastination 57%
Moving On and Letting Go 84%
Anxiety & Fear 90%
Repetitive Unhealthy Behaviours 69%
Self Belief & Confidence 77%

Why is Hypnosis good for you?

Some lovely feedback from my happy clients:

“I worked with Dipti for a few weeks having hypnosis sessions over Skype, and I was fascinated by how I could after the session regain my clarity to make the simple moves towards my goals.” – Musician & Performer
“Dipti supported me through some important decisions, and helped me from feeling overwhelmed with my substantial life changes.” – Entrepreneur & Mum of 3
“Thank you for the brilliant monthly Skype sessions. They really help me re-focus, stay on track and keep motivated towards my destination” – Competitive Triathelete

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Hear how Jazmin's Stress has Vanished!

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2 replies on “Goodbye Stress.

  • jnbrn68


    I have the email receipt from purchasing the Sleep Deeply MP3 but when I click on the download link on the receipt it says I have reached my download limit. The MP3 is not anywhere on my iPhone.

  • Dipti

    Hi there, I’ll reissue the download ability. Can you do a search for ‘Sleep Deeply’ on your device? Please let me know if it works – I’ll reissue the download attempts now!

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